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four day week. . .four day weekEND!

Monday, August 30, 2010

I just want to take a moment to remember where we were five years ago. Yesterday was August 29 - marking 5 years since Katrina devastated my home state of Mississippi, the great state of Louisiana and the deeply special city of New Orleans. Five years ago today, my family and I regained our electricity and watched as we worried for loved ones and family members. For me the day Katrina hit was scary - but more exciting/nervous scary - than fear for my life scary. It's funny how our brains retain every single detail about important/traumatic events - even years later I can remember the sounds of branches snapping, wind gusting, hundred year old trees hitting the ground with a boom, and the ominous quiet after the storm while we were left in the dark. None of my personal memories compare to the experience of those who lost loved ones, homes, possessions, and feared still for their lives after the storm had passed. I hope everyone took a minute yesterday to send prayers, good thoughts and wishes to the people of New Orleans and the Gulf Coast - as they are still recovering.

here are some pictures i snapped August 29, 2005

and 8 months later when i made my first trip back to NOLA- April 30/May 1, 2005

still same ole New Orleans

wesley & i are actually planning a trip down to NOLA in a few weeks.
come back because i will certainly have some pics!

Now. If you didn't stop reading after that bit of gloom {with a light at the end of the tunnel}. I have more exciting stuff to share! First, on a personal note - I only have to work 4 days this week - then I have 4 days off {productivity- smoductivity} I get to visit with my family! Especially excited about baby boy Connor!

{I can't really think of a segue here}
in other news...
speaking of productivity...

anywho...let's play a little weekend catch up!


I dragged welsey to the farmers market BRIGHT & EARLY
to catch the morning breeze
{nope it was still HOT}
we met up with our new friend Davy from Funderfarm - remember these?

well, we've made a little deal - a trade if you will - in true farmers market style.
our agreement:
he gives me free stuff - I bake it, shoot it, share it, eat it!
they are looking for some new pictures for their website
and since i would most likely spend the rest of the fm season buying their goodies
taking pictures of my mad baking skills
and sharing the results with you - i said PERFECT!
Why Yes. I'd love to!
I haven't started yet. Today, I think I will try the Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars?

Sunday Funday
I was lazy..didn't bake as I'd planned...
but I did watch the Emmys!
and can I just say O.M.G! they are calling it the best ever!
my boy J Fallon (as I call him) RoCkeD iT!
I've been a long time fan - anyone remember the "idiot boyfriend" song?
When you combine Jimmy & Tina (i miss the days of weekend update as a team),
gLee, and my love Joel McHale! what more could a tv loving gLeek ask for?!?!

well to tell the truth. I stopped watching (started DVRing) at 9pm CST to switch over to HGTV!
Emily Henderson winner of Design Star's new show/special Secrets From a Stylist premiered!
(you know we're friends right?! or a stalk her - same dif!) I've done a couple of posts mentioning her and how much I love her style and abilities twice this month so I won't go in too much detail except to say that the show was great! I loved getting to see a more relaxed personality come out and Ian's sense of style as well. I hope we can see more of her soon. For now she can be found over at The Brass Petal.

Did you watch Secrets From a Stylist? What did you think?

If you missed it check out HGTV - I'm sure it'll be on again soon!

I hope everyone has a fabulous week!

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