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Friday, August 27, 2010

In a post earlier this week I previewed a very purdy little dress with a tease of an announcement! Well, it’s finally here! I have been given the privilege to be the first to introduce LoLLy FroCks to all of you! My beautiful and very talented sister Andrea has opened her very own etsy shop. Here is what she has to say about this new adventure…

"I started this shop because of my darling little girl, Emma. I fell in love with making her bibs and burp cloths and bags before she was even born. After her arrival, I ventured on to bloomers, hats, appliqué shirts, ruffle pants, and adorable little frocks. Each item in my shop was originally made for her. I loved them all so much; I began making duplicates to share with others."

It has been exciting for me to see my little sister, who would never wear a ruffle and rarely a bow create such unique and beautiful things for Emma. She’s also made some head and hair pieces for me and for Em, gifts for friends, and burp clothes, bibs, and all things baby! You can check out the beginnings of Andrea’s sewing endeavors on her blog here. As of now the shop only has a few items up for grabs, but we all start somewhere right?! She is taking custom orders made from the fabrics in her shop and ask her about making a custom bow, rossette or headband to match the outfit of your choice!

headband- by LoLLy FroCks

BONUS: She’s also going to allow me to offer you guys Free Shipping {my’re welcome!} if you mention you found her through Behind the Camera and Dreaming when you make your purchase!

If you would like to make a purchase, custom order or request, please visit her shop here.

PS: If nothing else check out the awesome pictures I took of the clothing! {yep- shameless self promotion}Products are so fun to shoot - you set 'em up and they don't MOVE! =)


  1. ooooooh so cute!! I love your photos!
    I found you via blog-frog, and I am now your newest follower! {wink} Come visit me sometime - the coffee is always on!

  2. Very cute dress. GREAT product shots. And tell your sister I love the business name : )

    ps- FF from BF- have a great weekend!

  3. Cute and very talented. Very impressed.

  4. Very cute! I love all the cute boutiques with grls clothes. I have a little boy so I don't get to do all the little dresses but I love looking at all of them.

  5. Great dress! So sweet. And love that headband, too.


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