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home again...

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I began writing this post Monday night from my iPhone, but lately I've had a lot of closing without my permission apps! I am using Blogster {it worked fine  on Friday}. Anybody, have any other blogging app suggestions? So, I'm just going to start over and try this again!

Monday night we returned home pretty late from our Labor Day weekend excursion. This was one of those long weekend I didn't want to end {who am I kidding...I never want the weekends to end}. We did SO MUCH, but my pictures aren't uploaded yet, so I'll just leave you with two more iPhone pics and a list of the things I dream of blogging about - when I actually have time {think I could make it as a full time blogger/photographer?}.

  • Funderfarm photoshoots - I finished shooting - not editing!
  • Friday night's "Baby Party" - I know...why was I invited?
  • The Flea Market
  • The amazing football that occured on Saturday Night!
  • Family time
  • Asher's sitting up photo shoot!
I have lots of work cut out for me in the next two nights! AHHH! Say a little prayer for me.

Lunch hour OVER back to the grind! =)

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