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"Though it fades too soon..."

Friday, September 17, 2010

"Well, there's a feeling in the air
Just like a Friday afternoon.
Yeah, you can go there if you want
Though it fades too soon.
So go on, let it be.
If there's a feeling coming over me,
Seems like it's always understood this time of year."

I cannot believe that it has been 3 {THREE!} whole months since THIS and 9 {NINE!}whole months since THIS! It's great that the 17th of each month marks the ages of both of my sisters' children - exactly 6 months apart!

I'm so ready to help plan Emma's 1st Birthday - not to rush it!

Go Dawgs!

"Well, there's a football in the air,
Across a leaf blown field.
Yeah, and there's your first car on the road,
And the girl you'd steal.
So go on with yourself
If there's a feeling that there's something else
Seems like it's always understood
This time of year."

Labor Day weekend was TWO weeks ago and I feel like I haven't stopped moving since. September will be gone before I even realize it's here! Projects Pojects GALORE - I guess be careful what you wish for!

I really had an amazing summer! We got to spend time with all of our close family members - especially the ones who live so far away. It's truely a blessing! I guess it's worth the empty pockets when it's all said and done. Memories will last us forever. :')

D.C. with The Bergins

Em's sitting up/six month shoot

Road Trippin'


Denver to meet Connor/ Forth of July

Everybody in Mississippi

 Saying Goodbye to Summer/Labor Day Weekend!

"Well, I know there's a reason to change.
Well, I know there's a time for us.
You think about the good times
And you live with all the bad.
You can feel it in the air,
Feeling right this time of year"
                                 - This Time of Year
                                   Better Than Ezra


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