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I {heart} Faces: Pets

Sunday, December 12, 2010

this is where i find Ari each night when i come to bed and each morning when i get out of the shower.
on MY pillow
sometimes he cracks an eye lid. . .sometimes he pretends i'm not there. . .


  1. This makes me laugh... cuz I've had the same problem.. sometimes dogs, sometimes cats.. always funny.

  2. Have you ever noticed they always have that smile on their face when they've stolen your pillow? It's like they know they're doing something they shouldn't and enjoy it all the more!

    Great shot!! I love that it's so feels so calming.

  3. What a sweet shot.. Love it!! Looks like my dog :)

  4. Aw so cute! One of our dogs was always stealing pillows!

    Love the colors in the picture too!

  5. That is too funny - I used to have a dog that did the same thing.

  6. Thanks Guys! He's so silly. I have so many pictures of him MANY in our bed! He really should have his own blog! =)

  7. Love this. Have the same problem!

  8. i used to have a dog that would do the same thing. and then when we got a higher bed (and since he was a tiny little yorkie) he started stealing my seat on the couch. i think it was his way of getting back at me for getting that bed.

  9. So pleasant when he's asleep :) just kidding! We love Ari!


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