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Monday, January 10, 2011

 so...i couldn't decide how i wanted to document my 365 today. so, i asked myself "self, what do i want to remember about today?" then i thought "the snow of course. it was beautiful and you took like 365000 pictures of it." and then there was a knock at the door. "who could that be?" i asked myself.
and when i went to the door LOOK at what i found! =)
 so then i said "self. this is the bestest thing that's happened all day!"
 i love it and it has this cute little tag! Ari as you can wasn't so impressed...
Thank You Mom and Husband for my Epiphanie Bag! it all fits too I tried it! =)

this post isn't without snow
below is my straight out of the camera shot that i am linking up with this new challenge hosted by Jill and Ashley

this kid was a sledder playing in the snow today. i just liked his red hat and camo pants!
I can't wait to work on some edits to link up on Thursday!


  1. Awesome bag! I love it! ;-)

    Awesome SOOC too! Can't wait to see it edited!

    Thanks for joining in!


  2. Beautiful bag! Love it! Gorgeous SOOC. I can't wait to see your edit on Thursday! xo

  3. Fun sledder shot! Also have to say love your new bag! How exciting for u! Can't wait to see you edit on Thursday!

  4. Love your new bag - it's beautiful. And your SOOC is great. Can't wait to see it edited too.


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