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Big Daddy

Monday, January 10, 2011

On December 29 we lost my husband's grandfather "Big Daddy" and on New Year's Eve we said our final goodbyes. While it was a very sad day, it was really good to celebrate a life of someone who was loved by so many with people you love. I am so lucky to be a part of this amazing family. Of course, I was the designated photographer and I definately don't mind a get ready for photo overload, but first here are some pictures my sister in law Lacey and I put up for friends and family to look at during the visitation. These are a few of my favorites.
Debbie (Wesley's mom), Big Daddy, and Aunt Peggy

Big Daddy- top left and two Navy buddies I'm assuming. . . wonder who they are?

Kitty "Mimaw" and John "Big Daddy" circa 1945 (maybe)

in the Navy - check out that tied up shirt and those abs!

my husband looking so dapper in his suit

The six Grandkids Trey, Kathryn, Lacey, Wesley, Shawna, and Lance

Granddaughters and Mimaw

  me and wesley we apparently have the same goofy smile
 4 generations of beautiful women
 Mimaw/Kitty, Peggy, Shawna, and Kate
 The Guys (in height order)
Stephen, Chris, Trey, Patrick, Wesley, and Lance
keep in mind my husband is 6'1" and 2nd to shortest!

 First Baptist Church of Starkville (Wesley's Grandparents, Parents, and Brother are members) provided a brunch for the family at the church before the visitation and service. It was wonderful, especially to get to be together all day with no worries about food or room for everyone to sit. The food was awesome. All homemade by church members.
sweet elizabeth and her mommy
 Kate - all grown up

and this is how we rung in the new year... 

 actually most of us were in bed by 10pm . . .

love you guys! more pictures can be found here

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  1. Nice post, thank you Stephanie. I just realized that in the cousin picture, we put ourselves in chronological order too, I don't remember that we planned to do that, but it's neat how it worked out.



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