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Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Sunday, January 23, 2011

1. memories
You know how they say smell has the strongest connection to memory?
well a glass of wine {specifically red (more specifically cab sav)}always brings my back.
we went to napa valley on our honeymoon and the entire valley smells like they are burning wine scented candles! I can't wait to go back....*sigh* one day...

2. Silhouette
okay. so I didn't exactly follow the rules on this one. forgive me?
this photo i think i've actually shared before, but i cropped differently
and did a little different edit on the color - so it's LIKE new!?

3. Doorway
our front doors...not much else to tell!

Photography love...

4. Reflection
 my reflection in some random suv parked on the street..can we say short and squaty!?

5. Silver
tic toc my sunday's almost over...

ps I linked up with Steppin' Out Saturday this weekend. Did anyone else?


  1. LOVE these - silhouette and reflection are beautiful. Great job!

  2. great interpitations
    Love the silhouette shot.

  3. Great shots! Love the reflection & your take on silver!


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