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twenty eleven three six five

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Since I began my journey with blogging over a year ago, I’ve wanted to share my photos and the journey/story behind them. I’ve viewed MANY 365 projects since beginning photography inquiries probably in 2006/2007. However, I NEVER thought I would have the time and/or discipline to complete one myself. Well today {actually Saturday} I made the decision to commit! For those of you who don’t follow photography or many blogs a 365 project is when you take a picture EVERYDAY for a year. These don’t have to start on Jan. 1, but many incorporate them into a New Year’s Resolution type thing-a-ma- jig.

I have big plans for 2011 {which I will also commit to calling “twenty eleven” because it sounds cooler than “two thousand eleven”} and what better way to document these BIG PLANS than to have photographic evidence of myself, where I was, what I was doing everyday for an entire year. I hope you will take this journey with me and share it with others. I pray that these photos will also help me accomplish each item I’m planning to put on my vision board this year.

I am not committing to posting a blog post everyday because well as you can see by the past few weeks…it’s just NOT going to happen because happens instead. These photos will be taken with my 7D, my iPhone OR any camera that might be in my future!

Whether you are my blog friends {love you} or real life family/friends {love you too} I want to be closer to you all this year. I have been really slow at returning emails and FB messages but I am RESOLUTE to be better! Less overwhelmed and more ME this year! Please email me, text me, FB me, Tweet me, call me or snail mail me!

On to my first photos!


One day after we said our final goodbyes to Big Daddy {Wesley’s Grandfather} and the day after a night FULL of scary storms we went to the cemetery one more time. The sky was so peaceful and beautiful I snapped a few shots over the tree tops then helped my nephew count how old each of the other family members were when they were laid to rest.


 Back at home in Memphis, I straightened up a little, sat down on the couch to do some photo editing from our family time over the weekend and decided that I REALLY am going to follow through with a resolution to drink more WATER and it’s kind of silly {really silly actually} but this little cup might just do the trick!

I snapped this throught the window while driving on the way home from work in Arkansas. The sunset is always beautiful as I've posted before and the reflection on the flooded fields is amazing. I wish I'd had my fancy camera but the iPhone did pretty good in my opinion.

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