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Time to catch up!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I am terribly behind on my 365 Project! BUT guess what?! I did take a photo every day. I'm impressed with myself because I've had little time for much else. So, get ready for PICTURE OVERLOAD!

 365:30 Emma lovin' her V-Day fabric which is now THIS and THIS!

365:31 Sweet Miss Elizabeth - more peeks at her 3 month shoot!

365:34 Pretty sure the guy at the Post Office thought it was funny to give me these.
Little did he know..they are JUST my STYLE!

365:35 Birds, Birds, Birds...not sure what they are..some kind of geese?
They come to the Delta every year and there are THOUSANDS of them!

365:36 Me and my glasses...I hardly ever where them but I kinda like 'em.

365:37 Ari workin' hard!

365:38 Workin' on my heart shapes while I was at home early Monday because of all this SNOW we are getting =(

365:39 Dinner Tuesday night! Look like beef? Ground Turkey maybe? nope Quorn. It was pretty good too! Seasoned with green pepper, a little salsa, chipotle pepper, and garlic. We put it on Nachos! YUMMY!

365:40 Front Street at about 2pm. After my 3 hour drive home =(
It finally stopped snowing about 6. Now lets see what happens tomorrow!?

Sorry for the overload!

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