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i will survive

Thursday, May 26, 2011

survived is kind of a strong word but with all that's been going on i feel like it's appropriate. in the past week i've survivied...
  • my 10 year high school reunion..sober {obviously-but i was one of few}
  • making an offer on a house
  • negotiating a GOOD price
  • a home inspection
  • and some kind of stomach bug =(
but i'm still kicking and so is my little guy {thumb, thumb, tickle, tickle}!

my happy meal rootbeer cup from lunch!

 i'm trying not to stress about the house. it's what we want and i really love it, but what i love the most is what i want to do with it once i get my hands on it. we aren't really in a position to do anything major right away, but eventually we will make it ours. i've already been planning each room's new paint. this is a must because the old owners (well current..we haven't closed yet!) were well... maybe they are color blind or just enjoy massive amounts of stimulation. this house is literally a crayon box with a gold living room, RED dining room, electric blue hallway, bright yellow bathroom, and periwinkle, baby blue and lime green bedrooms....seriously.

i'll share some photos of the house later- when it's actually ours. (aaahhhhh!) but i really wanted this post to be about the reunion (sorry for the ramble up there). i did something i hardly manage to do these days - make my husband take the camera so i can be in some pictures. success! and he did a pretty good job too. thanks boo.

this photo was about half way or more through the night, so i think maybe a few people left before we got this shot, but i was so surprised at the turn out! i counted about 50 in this photo and i THINK we had just over 100 in our graduating class. it's funny how many of these people look exactly the same! (in a good way!) there were also some people that couldn't make it that i really missed seeing.

wesley was a really good sport. i think it helped that i (and now we) are still good friends with some awesome people i went to high school with. and the fact that there was food and beer might have contributed to his positive attitude!

speaking of friends we are still friends - these two looked super cute/hot/attractive =)
I loved the dress Jess (btw - if i forgot to tell you)

high school sweeties

and these two were not high school sweethearts - but i went to school with both of them and am so happy to be living closer to them!

this is not the best picture of me, but i think the color pallette of our outfits go well together! =)

more pretty friends!

these ladies did a great job of organizing and there were some great door prizes!

and well I had a little fun with the blue and gold was late and i wasn't drinking..had to entertain myself somehow!

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