The Wilde Olive Blog: 24 Weeks, Corn, & a Home at last!


24 Weeks, Corn, & a Home at last!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

We (baby boy & I) are 24 weeks today! I feel like we've hit a milestone. I'm feeling pretty good - still have some a lot of food aversions and I don't think my sense of smell will EVER be the same! Don't even THINK about eating Mexican food in the same building as me. I've been consuming very little caffeine, but when I do have some it really perks me up. Caffeine has not had that effect on me in YEARS! In the mornings, I feel like I'm starving no matter how much I eat so I stuff my face but after lunch, I may get hungry once and that's usually it. . . probably because the indigestion sets in and my food digests so slowly?

Anyway, corn? Corn is the approximate length of the baby at 24 weeks (around 12 inches long). That's hard to imagine since this is my first and it's weird to think about how big he's getting inside there and how tiny he still is at the same time. I feel him all the time and I think I felt hiccups for the first time last night. No one was around to witness but my belly was definitely jumping! It only lasted a minute or two, but I'm assuming it was hiccups.

Special News Report!
Homelessness will be ending soon for the Clark family! Ok. we aren't literally homeless (thanks to my parents) but just in case anyone remembers...we are still working on buying a house! Looks like we are good to go and should be closing by mid-July. I had become very frustrated with the whole process, but I've come to have some peace about it now. The house was built in 1940 and has the old house charm that we love, BUT it needed a few repairs. . . namely a new roof and after some investigation . . . foundation work needs to be completed also. So, we've worked those things out and will start the foundation work on Tuesday! I'm praying for few no cracks in the walls...join me? Then, we will get a brand new roof! I'm starting to get excited again!

Then, we'll begin doing all the things I WANT to do. Like painting and decorating the rooms! I think this is the fun part, but we'll see when I'm getting bigger and bigger since it will probably be mid-august and a gazillion degrees here in Mississippi!

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  1. Congrats to you! Best of luck on the house buying journey. Hope it all goes well!


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