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Edit me again!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

So the other day's rant was just that. A rant. I probably should have just kept it to myself and let it pass, but hey this is real life. So why not share . . . nobody reads this anyway. =)

Okay negative nelly is gone for today. It will all be worked out.

{Update: Even though I don’t fall under FMLA because I haven’t been employed at my current job for 1 year, I found out that as long as I’m back in 6 months my hire date still stands. This is good news – I’m not totally over the whole situation, but for now I’m choosing to think “everything is rainbows and butterflies, baby boys and new old houses”.}

Speaking of baby boy I was awakened (word usage anyone?) about 4am by the WORST Charlie Horse I have ever experienced. Are there any symptoms of pregnancy I won’t have? My leg is still a little sore to the touch… Also, I think we are close to telling everyone the name. I think a lot of people know... I just feel weird about the "announcement" part of it. We've started using it around the I think it's going to stick. Any advice? How did you start telling people your baby's name?

Changing gears...

My Reflection of Something

This week's edit me challenge comes from Sarah at Naptime Momtog.

Original taken by Sarah

edit by me!
The deets: As usual, I started in LR: I selected the "Color Creative CP2 Preset" that comes with LR 3.
Then, I exported the photo over to CS5 to play. I created a new layer and used the paint brush to whiten the white squares on the tower a bit (they were looking bluer than I liked). Next, I wanted to apply a sunflare and the easiest way to do this is with one of my favorite actions from PTM: fun faux flare. There are two of these left and right, but they come from the top of the photo usually, so I flipped my photo and then applied it. There is probably an easier way to do this, but honestly it didn't take but a few seconds. I added the quote for fun. The font is "throw my hands up in the air" by Kimberly Geswin.


  1. I love how happy the colors are. And what a great quote too! :)

  2. Hey,

    This is great. I use lightroom and cs3 but I would for sure say that editing is not my strong suit. I would love to learn more though. This is a great picture. I am excited for your soon to be Etsy shop. Getting a shop set up is HARD! But it will be worth it.

    - Sarah
    le petit pixel

  3. I love it. Excellent job. I love the bright colors.

  4. Love this picture! Great job! i'l need to mess around in CS5 a little more you have it mastered!

    A Candid Life

  5. I love the quote so much, and your color is awesome! Great job!


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