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edit me; week 3

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

i decided to do one more post today. I really enjoyed the last edit me challenge i participated in and decided to do it again. This week the photo is from  Courtney from One Mom's Perfect Imperfections. In visiting her blog tonight I found out that this is a photo taken by courtney of one of her little cutie pies.

the details:
  • lightroom
    • brighted eyes using the brush and adjusting contrast saturation and brightness
    • increased the contrast until i liked the brightness of her shirt and bows
    • cropped to my liking to put more focus on her face
    • denoised using the luminance bar
  • CS5
    • high pass filter at 50% then soft light
    • created a new layer
    • selected the brush tool and brushed a little pink onto her cheeks and lips
    • changed the layer to overlay and decreased it to my liking
That's it. She so cute either way! If you have any specific questions about the edit ask in comments and I will update with answers! Otherwise, check out the other great Edit Me participants versions.

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  1. Really pretty - I like the way she glows.

  2. I like the crop bring her in more to the center focus

  3. you gave a glow to the photo! nice effect!

    Light Trigger

  4. Beautiful! I love her little rosy cheeks. She looks like a little angel - my little angel. :) Thanks! Well done!


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