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what I love about taking photos of kids!

Monday, July 11, 2011

I took a three day break from blogging. whew. I started this post and never finished it. I went to edit photos and put the mouse right back down. It's been kind of a hectic weekend - well not really, but I was REALLY tired! Shopping for fabric is stressful! Trying to create a nursery without access to the room everyday is mentally exhausting. However, this weekend that will change! We close on our house on Friday! So we will be super busy over the next several weeks (months/years) making it ours. Some before photos will be taken and I will post them this weekend hopefully! Also, I am going to try to post more beach photos this week - there were so many great ones! However, it's going to be a busy week! So, here's some favorites from Monday morning (July 4th).

this is my nephew Finley
and this is what I love about kids...
one minute this is happening (above) and....
the next minute...frolicking in the ocean and couldn't be happier about it!
It was hard to choose which "look" I like better, but I think it's the second one. =) 

and then, she {snapped}Favorite Fridays at Skinned KneesGive me your best shot at Better in BulkPhotoStory Friday

PS We have an appointment tomorrow for a check up, ultrasound (!!!), and a glucose test! So, I will be drinking the lovely orange stuff at 8:30am (prayers and good wishes welcome!).


  1. I love that about kids too - and best of luck to you. I'll say a prayer for you! Oh wait - did it already happen? How'd it go?

  2. I like them together ;) I like when photographers get the full range of emotions instead of just waiting for smiles!

  3. Oh, and p.s. I am pretty sure glucose tests are invented by some evil scientist to torture pregnant women... ugh!

  4. Great shots! I really love the colors you capture too!


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