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A little bit of this and little bit of that!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

This is going to be a random post of many things. I think I'll start with baby stuff!

This week I had a regular prenatal appointment with Dr. Sullivan. Nothing special there. . . got to hear a little heart beat at a good speed ( I guess that IS pretty special). The nurse had to kind of chase him around my belly. She laughed at the little buldges he kept making on the right side of my belly button. He's kind of crazy with the rolling around these days. It's very distracting. I find myself just kind of staring at my belly. It was a very short appointment and I'm really starting to like my doctor more...I think it's because I'm getting more use to her since I just started seeing her when I was 11 weeks pregnant. I think she remembers me a little more now because at the last appointment I boohooed in her office. =) Oh well. It was a stressful day. She just seemed to talk to me a lot more candidly this time. I don't know. . . maybe it's me.

Jonah @ 29 Weeks

Last week, we went to see the Perinatologist (high risk pregnancy doctor). I don't really like that they now check "high risk" on my forms...sounds much more scary than it actually is. Last week's appointment went really well. The time we spent with Dr. Perry made me feel so much better about this whole gestational diabetes thing. I fax them my week of glucose monitoring tomorrow and MAYBE they will tell me I don't need to check it 4xs a day anymore. *fingers crossed* It's not that bad, but remembering to do it at 2 hours after my meals is hard! Especially when I have a lot going on at work, home, etc. I usually miss that 2 hour mark UNLESS I'm really hungry then it's not that hard because I want to test before I eat something else! The only thing about all of this is...I miss good dessert. It seems to be EVERYWHERE these days. I have been eating lots of Carb Smart Ice Cream w/ Simply Jiff Peanut Butter. It's pretty good, but only comes in chocolate and vanilla.

On to other things. . . like a new old house update? I think so.

There have been lots of people hard at work helping us get everything done at our new house to help us get prepared to move in. This past weekend, Wesley's parents came down and worked VERY hard. I'm so thankful! I feel like we got a lot accomplished in two days. Most A lot of the painting is done! We gave the yard and the porch a little face lift. It's amazing what some clippers, loppers, 3 bags mulch, a can of black spray paint, and a quart of "New Brick" paint can do for curb appeal. Oh and I almost forgot our new Bully (Who, apparently, is a great guard dog according to the Yorkie from around the corner!).

This is from when we originally looked at the house back in May? I think.
and the day we made an offer. please excuse my white legs.
curb appeal isn't that great!
the porch is definitely a work in progress, but I'm so happy with how it's looking so far!

 Wesley's mom did a GREAT job of cleaning up the flower bed! I'm so happy she's willing to get dirty and sweaty! Since it was about 900 degrees. There was seriously mind boggling amounts of TRASH in this front bed alone. The previous owners were obviously not outdoorsy folks. You will see what they LOVED to do in future "before" pictures of the inside walls.

 I did a little raking and pruning and well....directing. I also painted all the hardware on the front of the house: lanterns, mailbox, door knocker, and door handle. I also painted the door! Don't worry I did it outside and wore gloves and a mask. It's kind of hard to tell in the before photos but it was the same blueish color as the shutters, but really beat up looking.

Things I still want to do: a porch swing, welcome mat, a couple of planters for either side of the door and cleaning the brick sidewalk.

I'm thinking black...
or this looks comfy


Galvanized Planter/Side Table by Aidan Gray
a little to pricey for me $248 - not happening!

they have something similar to these at Target I'm considering..
wouldn't they look great with pumpkins next to them in the Fall?
Just have to figure out what to actually plant in them..Mom? help.

I kind of like these two door mats...but the search is still on.
There's so much to do and I often feel completely overwelmed by it all. Especially when we are DIYing it and I can't actually DO IT MYSELF! know being 30 weeks preggers and all..I'm pretty sure painting, heavy lifting, and working outside in 100 degree weather are frowned upon and we have enough to deal with already!

One last thing! Challenges.

I probably won't be posting any favorites tomorrow because I haven't photographed much of anything this week...again! BUT take a look at some challenges I won over at Trendy Tree House!
Last week the photo I took of Mom and Dad got the #1 spot! The original post can be found here.

AND I didn't realize it until last week, but I was mentioned as #8 for the July 4th Challenge. Here's that original post of Clark!

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  1. Flashbacks of having to do finger pricks while on the phone with customers ;) Such a sweet ultrasound shot!! A was always hiding during ours, lol.


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