The Wilde Olive Blog: They are going to kill me… =)


They are going to kill me… =)

Monday, August 1, 2011

Today. It’s all about the parentals.

Friday they celebrated 33 years of marriage. To celebrate they went out to one of their favorite restaurants here in Jackson and I’m sure had a lovely time. Since we’ve had the sincere privilege of living with them over the past few months, I was (of course) there to capture the moments before their “date” (I even picked out their attire for the evening!). Before they left they (sort of) asked if I would take a photo of them. After taking it, I thought of their original wedding photo – which I love by the way! I told them we needed a little then and now comparison and I was told by my dad “you better not!” so of course I’m going to… I’m 28 years old and you CAN’T STOP ME! Haha

So here it is, in what I’m fairly sure is the original frame from 1978!

And here is Friday night all ready for dinner.


not sure if they look better then or now!?!


  1. I love that first photo. So great to look back at their wedding day too.

  2. That first one is so wonderful!! And love the flashback ;)


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