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Settling in just fine...

Friday, September 9, 2011

Jackson, MS, USA
I mentioned a little while back that I was a little worried about Ari, our Lab/Chow fur baby adjusting to the new house. We spent the first night fairly sleepless, but it's really just gotten better from there. He LOVES the backyard! A large grassy place to play is something he's never had - well I don't really know what he had for the first 7 weeks or so of life. He seems to have become a little more indpendant with this discovery of an open space where he can explore and spend his time. I think this makes Wesley a little sad, especially when he refuses to come at night for bedtime. Then again, when I went to bed last night he snuggled right in between our heads just like he did at the loft when we lived in Memphis.

He's really had a good time...but sometimes I think he might miss NaNa and Emma during the day. =(

Hopefully, he'll adjust this well with the addition of little person in about 6 weeks.

 Now that he's settled maybe the humans will settle in soon...there's just so much to do!


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  1. These are such lovely photos of your dog. The light is really pretty and he's so cute!

  2. ah, what a cute collage. Moving can be really tough on animals, but it sounds like he's doing really well. Good luck with getting settled in!

  3. So much sweetness! Our first "baby" was a lab/husky mix and your photos lately have made me both happy and sad at the same time... I miss our baby! I am sure once you guys get settled, it will all even out, and honestly once Jonah arrives a little more independence on Ari's part might be a good thing!

  4. Oh he's so regal looking! I'll bet in no time he'll be thinking of the new house as his home :)


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