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Photographing your baby: A guest post

Friday, October 21, 2011

Today, we have another wonderful guest post! Faith has so many great tips, a lovely blog, and a beautiful family! She's here to share some tips about photographing your baby. Be sure to visit her blog and her photography challenge!

Having a baby is crazy-wonderful. Crazy because it's tough. Wonderful because it's... well, wonderful! Every now and then you get this moment of perfection and it makes all the other moments of exhaustion, anxiety and being covered in various bodily fluids all worth it.

Photographing your baby is a wonderful experience - here are a few tips to help you get even more amazing photos of your beautiful baby.

Pay attention to the light

These two photos were taken in the same room, at the same time, just from a different direction. As you pick different areas to take photographs of your baby notice the light and how it creates shadows on your baby's face. Avoid placing your baby in bright direct sunlight and try to shoot with the light coming behind you.

Notice your background

If you want to get a really cute photo of your baby lay out a blanket on a pillow or boppy or find another place in your home where you can create a nice clean background for photographing your baby. Having a lot of distractions in the background takes away from the cuteness and frame-worthiness of your shot.

Go for the details

Babies are wonderful sleepers - take your time and photograph everything about them - in one week's time everything will have changed. In four or five years (or fifty!) you will want to remember every detail.

Photograph eyelashes, eyes, nose, lips, fingers, toes. Photograph your baby smiling (this will get easier and easier as the weeks pass) photograph your baby yawning and crying. You'll really treasure those shots in the years ahead. 

Use negative space.

Negative space is the blank space not taken up by the subject in your composition. Sometimes you'll want to focus in on the little details but every now and then use the power of negative space to show how tiny your baby is.

Show your baby's growth

Take photos of your baby in the same space - like a swing, car seat or chair. Below are some snaps I took with my cell phone. The one on the left is from the first time I put Eli in his swing, the one on the right I took today.

Take pictures every day they grow up insanely fast! But then put the camera down and just enjoy the moment.

I'm Faith, a wife, mother to five, online photography teacher & blogger.

My main blog is Simplicity - my life in mostly photographs, but I also blog at The Bartering Blogger, Simply Motherhood and am a contributor at Paper Heart Camera. Connect with me on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ & Pinterest.

Thank you so much Faith for sharing!


  1. Great tips Faith. Thanks for sharing.

    Can't wait to see your photos Stephanie. Hope you all are well.


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