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Some tips from Branson: A guest post

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Hopefully by now we are checked into the hospital and well on our way to being new parents. I will try to update on twitter, facebook, and here as soon as possible. Please say a special prayer for us today!

I've asked a few special ladies to do a little post while I'm focusing on giving birth and spending these first few special days with my brand new baby boy! First up, a lady that has become a dear friend in just a few short months. Branson recently closed down her personal photography blog to spend a little more time on the most important things in life. I will truly miss her as I know many of you will also. She'll still be a part of The Edit Me Challenge each week and you can keep up with her on Twitter. Before she shut down, I got a special post from her that I'd like to share with you today! It even has pics of a newborn bubs. SO PRECIOUS!
Love, Stephanie

I am so excited for Stephanie as she welcomes her little boy into her life! Becoming a mother is by far the most amazing adventure I have ever had! I thought that I would share a few little things I learned as mother of a newborn! Well... in addition to photos of my own little bubs of course! Thanks, Stephanie, for giving me an excuse to bust out the newborn pics!
Meet my Bubs... he was a tiny little nugget when he was born!
6 pounds 8 ounces, and 21.5 inches long... long and lean.
Tip 1. Be prepared to sit and stare at Jonah's little face for hours on end. There is nothing more amazing than memorizing your baby's face!
Tip 2. Make sure you take everything out of the changing station in the hospital. Better yet, have your husband make good friends with every employee in the crazy large hospital so they refill the station right before you check out, haha. We were loaded down by the time we left.
Tip 3. If you go to visit a friend or relative in the hospital right after you take the baby home, make sure the hospital staff knows you are just visiting or they will try to tackle your husband for stealing a baby.

A's little cousin was born exactly one week later!
She weighed more at birth than he weighed at a month! LOL
Tip 4. Know that it is okay to call the first mom in your contacts and cry that you have no idea what you are doing... and that before long you WILL be the expert who other moms call to do the same!
A was back in the hospital the day after he came home for
jaundice treatment. He was a little trooper!
Tip 5. Document the little things. You will be exhausted, but having some of the little details from early on will be priceless when you look back later. I wish I had done more of this in the first two months... it goes so fast!
Bubs was swimming in newborn clothes but too long for preemie!
One last piece of advice: listen to advice from people you respect, ignore everyone else, and only use what is right for your family! You are the mama, and you are the expert! :)

Thanks again for having me here, Stephanie! Blessings to you and your little man! xoxo

Thank you so much Branson!

PS: I'm in the Top 5 over at Simplicity this week for my ferris wheel photo! Go vote!


  1. Loved this tips Branson. Thanks for sharing. Love seeing photos of Aiden as a baby. So sweet.

    Stephanie, hope Jonah is here soon!

  2. Just saw the facebook post announcing Jonah's birth! Congratulations - he is beautiful!


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