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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Today's news: we are progressing. That's it. Well actually I will be induced next Wednesday if he doesn't come before then! So within the next week...we will have a baby. I'm really worn down today (Tuesday0 yes I know it's Wednesday but I didn't take the time to rewrite) and not feeling too perky (obvs). This rollercoaster is as emotional as it is physical. One day I feel great and excited and the next I feel anxious and a little down. I guess it's all normal and seems to depend on how much sleep I'm getting (not much last night). I've gone back and read my post from last week many times and have gotten so many sweet comments here and on facebook.

Yesterday, I was a little more on the excited side and decided to spend half the day my lunch break looking at some photo inspiration for my newborn little boy! I love photographing babies and I'm sure mine will be even MORE special.

Here are some of my favorite tiny ones I've photographed over the past few years:

You can find these and more inspiration photos I found around the www pinned to my new Pinterest board I created here. I can't wait to see my sweet boy's face. Only a few more days. . .
Next week you will see a few guest posts here! I'm so excited. Faith is going to share a little about what she's learned photographing a newborn. You will also hear from a few other special ladies! If YOU are interested in doing a guest post related to newborns/photography/or being a new mommy please let me know!

and then, she {snapped}Live and Love...Out Loud
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  1. So sweet. He will be here soon! YAY! Can't wait to see photos of him. I have a newborn shoot this weekend. I am excited.

  2. I am excited for you :) I love the shot of the babies toes peeking through the blanket, too cute!

  3. Oh Stephanie,

    You are in for the most exciting day of your life!!

    Love the photos you took. Can't wait to see your beautiful son.


  4. Beautiful shots! One of the perks of motherhood is having an in-house model available at all times ; ) good luck!

  5. I LOVE the photos! Cogratulations ahead of time!

  6. Oh so exciting- so many blessings heading your way in such a short amount of time. WOW!

  7. He'll be here soon enough - all in his own time.


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