The Wilde Olive Blog: Edit Me! Broken Laptop style!


Edit Me! Broken Laptop style!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I'm back! After a little time off from this challenge I got kind of bored while Jonah is sleeping tonight. My laptop is being worked on by my sweet husband, so I'm playing on his iPad. I downloaded an editing app called "BeFunky Photo Editor" the free's pretty cool so I thought I'd try it out for this week's Edit Me Challenge.

BeFunky edit

I used the "warming" effect and adjusted contrast, saturation, and used the smart sharpening tool. Pretty good edit for a free app! Anyone else tried this??

Our tiny BIG Life

I also thought I'd share a few Photos that I already shared on Facebook. 
Sorry for all the repeats!

BeFunky Original on iPhone
Jonah and I handing out Halloween Candy
BeFunky Original on iPhone
Emma being such a big girl holding "baby Jonah"

BeFunky Vintage 2 on iPhone
Edited with BeFunky app: Vintage!


  1. Love your edit me. So cool. I want an ipad. Hope your laptop gets fixed soon. Sweet photos.

  2. I really like your edit. That app works wonders! Also lovely family pictures :D

  3. Absolutely beautiful edit! I was tickled pink when I saw you link up! I missed your editing last week, but you kinda had a good excuse ;) Your little family couldn't be cuter!!


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