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Let's catch up.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The days keep passing and I seem to have quit tonight I'm starting this post in hopes of catching up with all of you. Honestly, I know I won't finish it tonight, but it's a start! My computer is finally in working order and I've uploaded many of my photos, but some are still just on we are skipping some...for now. Jonah will be 8 weeks old tomorrow. The time has gone by so fast but I have to say we've come a long way. My baby has grown and so have I.

There have been so many firsts.
First bath at home
First "playtime" on the floor
First visit from cousins

First dinner at NaNa and Grand Daddy's
First Halloween

First time to attend a birthday party and to visit Grandma in the country.

First trip to Starkville to see MeMe and Poppie
Mini Backyard photo shoot (1 month old!)

First Thanksgiving! 
First Tailgate & Egg Bowl!

Firt time celebrating Mama's Birthday!
 Helping decorate the Christmas Tree!

There have been many more firsts...of course. He learns something new everyday and so do I.



  1. awe loved seeing him growing up :) he's so precious!

  2. so beautiful. he is so adorable! <3

  3. Loooove all the photos! He is gorgeous, and so are you! :)

  4. He is so handsome! I love catching up with you on your blog! You look great! EA


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