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Thursday, December 22, 2011

So, I'm sitting here back at work. It's lunch time and I just finished taking care of business (eating and pumping). I started looking through my google reader..which is what I used to do while I ate before Jonah was born...and I really miss blogging, photography link ups, and doing real photography! I'm not sure how I'll fit it all in, but hopefully I can do a little more after the holiday madness is over.

I really love the holidays and this being Jonah's first. I don't want to miss a thing! Even though I'm back at work, I'm trying to spend as much time as I can with family and friends. That pretty much means my house is a mess and sleep is rare, but I feel like we are doing well inspite of it all!

All I have for now are iPhone photos that many of you have already seen on instagram/twitter/facebook, but hey I cannot post without photos!
Oatmeal Apple Spice Cookies, Sugar Cookies, our Christmas tree all lit up (not a great photo)
I found a receipe on for some Oatmeal Pie Spice cookies that I wanted to make for a Christmas party with friends last night. The recipe listed the simple ingredients to make it from scratch, but while I was on the baking isle at the grocery store, I decided to make it REAL simpler. So, I just bought a Betty Crocker packet of oatmeal cookie mix and literally just added apple pie spice. The cookies are SO good. They are still soft (I had two for breakfast) and I made themTuesday night. YUM! You could also use Pumpkin Pie spice.

before work Tuesday, last night after a Christmas party with friends, swinging at NaNa's
I've been trying to take a picture of my baby boy everyday...just in case he changes while I'm at work! I've also been getting lots of good pictures from Mae Mae (my sister who lives in Denver) who is in town for Christmas and helping NaNa out with the little ones.
Sunday night right before bed (this sleeper looks kind of pink - it is red), watching Franklin with the big kids at NaNa's (wearing his NOEL onesie - made by MeMe), playing with Mae Mae

Thursday morning- he loves his paci (or to suck on his hands)
First Christmas card from NaNa and Grandaddy, smiling with Mae Mae (Thursday)

I really wish I was at home with him or at NaNa's with Mae Mae, Uncle Joey, Connor, Emma, and Grandaddy! I'm so jealous. However, being back at work isn't THAT bad. It feels comfortable here. Everyone is in the holiday spirit and it's quite nice.  

and then, she {snapped}
Perfect Imperfections

Miss you guys =)

Here I go goal setting again!
Come back for a post with photos from a REAL camera tomorrow morning (Jonah's two months!)
& photos from my niece Emma's Storybook Brunch birthday party!


  1. Thank goodness for that awesome iphone! These are fabulous. I always enjoy your instagram photos of your sweet baby. Hope you have a wonderful first christmas with him!

  2. So many gorgeous photos... iphone or not! He is too cute!


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