The Wilde Olive Blog: Edit Me 2012 Week Two: The little details.


Edit Me 2012 Week Two: The little details.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

This week's photo from Tara at Wilder Ginger Photography starts out with good bones, so it's a pretty simple edit that leaves us with a perfectly framable result! I love newborn photography and obviously I've had a little experience with it lately (but he's almost 3 months old fast). So, I'm going to use the same basic editing techniques that I used for my post here.

We started with a great pose, nice backdrop, no overwhelming shadows or bright spots. However, for it to look more like a portrait than a candid shot I began by cropping and filling in the top left corner using the clone tool in Lightroom (by the way I'm looking forward to trying out LR 4 Beta that is available for download now - maybe I'll test it for next week's edit?). I added a small amount of fill light and adjusted the color noise just a bit. Anytime I use noise reduction I like to make sure my details are still clear. One way I like to do this is to use the clarity adjustment brush. For this photo, I used it on his prominent facial features (eyes, nostrils, mouth, hair) just for a little boost. I then used the adjustment brush to slightly soften his skin (decrease clarity and increase sharpness). I also used this brush on the background to create somewhat of a slight blur effect. (First photo is a result of just these tweaks.)

I then took the photo over into Photoshop (CS5) for a little more creative editing. I love Paint the Moon actions (if you've been here before on edit me day, then you've probably noticed). I am currently loving the Blessings set for my newborn photos. There are so many good ones! They are a bit pricey for me, but I use them on so many of my personal photos I want to print I feel like it's worth it. I haven't found any other actions that compete in quality and tweakability (no this is not a PTM infomercial - but Annie if you're out there I could total sell your stuff to the amateurs like me- he he).

For these edits I used various Actions from the Blessings set. On the final edit above, I used a combo of actions, turning on and off layers until I got my desired effect.
Edit Me


  1. Fantastic job on all 3 of the edits! I am just NOW getting sort of comfortable with PSE I am so grateful I found this challenge, to learn and to meet other photographers! Your boy is gorgeous btw!

  2. I agree that it is a beautiful edit

  3. Wow, these are all amazing. Great job...I love them all!

  4. Absolutely gorgeous edits!! You seriously rocked it, Stephanie!


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