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{mom}ents: The Scarlet M

Monday, January 30, 2012

Linking up with and then, she {snapped} for who off your shot. Taken with my iPhone in perfect light.

A stressfull {mom}ent
Since Jonah was born and we began venturing out into the world again, I’ve really enjoyed taking him places with me. He’s such a good baby. He entertains himself and is usually easily calmed. He likes to be held and most of the time doesn’t mind riding. I’m pretty good at predicting when he’s going to want to eat and am usually well prepared. I am very much a go and do person. I’ve never been much of a homebody and I knew that would have to change some once there was a little one in the picture, but so far he’s been good to go along for the ride.

Then on Saturday, I felt like I made a mistake by taking him out to lunch with me. Wesley was going to work on some things at the house that needed to be done and I figured I’d take him, show him off, and get to spend a little time with him and my girl friends. Good plan right? WRONG!

It kind of turned into the Jonah show – in a not so cute way. I knew he’d need a bottle and I had one ready, but I didn’t predict that he’d have a blowout and be frightened by the sparkler they brought for Jess’s birthday leading to a crying fit that he just couldn’t get over. I feel like he took away from the experience, but not only that, he attracted the attention of the entire restaurant and when I took him outside an elderly woman came over – while I was trying to calm him- and asked me “do you know what’s wrong with him?” I know her intentions were good, but come on lady… do you have to rub it in like I have “first time mom” written on my forehead!? Did she want me to hand him over to her and say “here maybe you can comfort him better than me”?

Anyway, once he was semi settled it was time to go. My lunch tasted fine – what I finished of it – but I didn’t get to really enjoy just being with my friends and I feel like if I’d taken him to Mom’s for her to watch him – I would have felt guilty for leaving him, plus she watches him four days a week already. I guess this is all part of the never ending quest for balance.

So, with one stressful lunch down I decided to take him to Mom’s and go get a mani/pedi with my friend for her birthday and it was really nice and I love my color – Chinchilla by Essie.

Jess getting her nails done and my freshly painted nails.

Afterwards, I decided to go in target, run to mom’s, pump, then out to dinner with the family before my dad left for China the next day. I’ve decided busy restaurants aren’t the best places for actually enjoying your dinner even if I didn’t have a baby– Mugshots will not be my vote for any future weekend dinners until we can sit outside. By the end of the night I was SO ready to just GO HOME! Totally not like me at all.

Then Sunday, we took Jonah to church and out to lunch and he was pretty much an angel…I guess it was just a bad day. I’m sure there will be plenty more of those, but hopefully I’ll feel a little more comfortable with my scarlet letter “M” in the future. . .
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  1. Oh man. Sounds very stressful. You should make a button for this. :) Thanks for featuring my story. he he. You will have your hands full.

  2. Oh, I love this idea! I saw it on Twitter :) are you going to do this linky each week?

    BTW - same thing happened to me the first bog event I took my baby girl to :) Blow out poop - spit up her bottle - ran out of clean clothes/bibs - it was delightful {LOL}It does get easier :)

  3. i can't believe that first shot was from your phone! it came out great!


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