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{mom}ents with a video!

Monday, February 6, 2012

I am so excited about this week's {mom}ents link up!
I even created a button so that you all can share!

It still needs a little work, but maybe I'll tweak it a little this week. =)
Something is a little funky and you have to right click select all to get the code.

I just wanted to mention a few of the stories shared this week, as I will do each week:

  • Check out A Bunch of Barrons for this silly story about two sisters who remind me a lot of me and my sisters growing up!
  • Speaking of sister's my big sister, Maggie, has restarted her blogging adventures and shared some beautiful/honest thoughts about being a SAHM.
  • Thank you also to Sarah, Branson, Kelly, and Jennie (I can't even imagine my Jonah being 10) for linking up this week! Hope you'll all be back this week and bring some friends!

Now for my {mom}ents of the week:

There are some precious moments that I will miss, only to hear a story of later because I don't get to spend my days with Jonah. I am a full-time working mommy and that sometimes makes me sad. I want to be the one who gets those midday snuggles, the one who feeds him his lunch, the one who takes him to storytime and for playdates at the park. Regrettably, at this point it's just not possible (and I am very thankful to have a wonderful job).
Though it makes me sad not to be home with him, I do have the next best thing - a mama who cares for him just as much as I do. She'll be there for him and get to experience many first (even if she keeps them secret - so I can think he did it at home!)

My Mom, Jonah, and Me - right after Jonah was born.

So when I say my prayers each night, I not only thank God for wonderful Grandparents, I thank him for technology, Apple, and mother who knows how to use an iPhone! May Steve Jobs get a little more fluff in his clouds and a little more sparkle on his wings... =)
Jonah "reading" Pat the Bunny

 I also wanted to share a quick {mom}ent Mom told me she wanted to write for me to share, but obviously being a full-time NaNa doesn't give her much time for that, so I will share it to the best of my recollection.
Over the past couple of weeks she has been reading a children's bible to Jonah and Emma (my two year old niece) at naptime. It has short bible stories that are probably a little advanced for a two year old, but Emma loves stories of all kinds!  Jonah just likes books as you can see above and is content (most of the time) just sitting in your lap. This Bible isn't one she's been reading over and over and she has not gone back to any stories more than once at this point. So, the other day Mom started asking some of the reflective questions to Emma that it offers at the end of each story. This day the question was, "what is your favorite thing God made?" and while mom was expecting an answer like dogs or baby dolls or something that was mentioned in the story - or who knows coming from this child, Emma answers with no prompting "Jesus". Jesus wasn't part of the story on that day and if you ask her today, she may not give you the same answer, but that day Jesus was on her mind. This just goes to show how much we are influencing what our children say, think and feel. She may remember bits and pieces of these days when she gets older or maybe not, but I bet she'll remember Jesus loves her.


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  1. So sweet that you have a great mom to help out. :) Sweet picture!


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