The Wilde Olive Blog: 2012 Weeks 12 and 13 Rewind!


2012 Weeks 12 and 13 Rewind!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Chic Homeschool Mama

WOW! My "break" from blogging was really busy and I have so much MORE to share, but I'm going to start with my commited post for weekly photos for the 366 Rewind Challenge. I also want to share a little about what we've been up to the past two weeks!

I've already shared a little, but we welcomed baby cousin Jude on the 19th and I we haven't gotten to spend any time with him since he's gone home - I know he's changed so much. I'm looking forward to seeing him and his three crazy older siblings this weekend!
Jonah has definitely learned some new tricks that those of you who follow me on instagram (stephaniesclark) or Twitter have probably seen!
Even though I'm pretty used to leaving him everyday of the week, I so look forward to seeing him when I get home, even if it's usually his fussiest time of day!
I have really enjoyed time with the Connor man - who leaves to go back to Colorado today!
and obviously so did Jonah!
BUT he'll be back in less than a month to meet Baby Cousin Ben!
Who we had so much fun celebrating last Saturday!
We also took Jonah to his second parade - in two weeks and this one was a HIT!

This past Saturday, I did a photoshoot with an AWESOME family - you can see some previews here.
Then we had a family Crawfish Boil (well we didn't actually cook it this time - someone else did) and Easter Egg Dying party.
I can't believe how OLD my child looks in this photo! =( but this is undeniable the cutest kid I've ever seen!

and of course most days were same ole stuff...working and being jealous of Daddy days!

In the last post before my break I mentioned a sweet little girl who passed away last Monday, the photo below is her big brother and I couldn't help but share how handsome he is! I have a few more shots to share, but this has to be one of my favorites!

Hope you all are having a good week now that we've made it to Wednesday!
Don't forget to stop by the Edit Me Challenge this week to edit a beautiful photo from Alicia!

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  1. Love these photos. Looks like a busy a fun time!! That last photo is great. He is very handsome.

  2. WOW! Lovely portraits. And I love those cupcakes :)


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