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Park Party!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

On Monday, my niece Laurel (left) turned 2! Saturday, her Mom and Dad threw her the sweetest birthday party in the park down the street from us! If you are local you might know which park is HER park. 

I had so many photos to share I decided to get a little creative in how I shared them. This is my first every .gif! I used Tutorial Tuesday for help, but somehow my photo quality went cray cray when I saved the file...they were taken and processed exactly as he photo above. Any knowledge out there?
Still cute..noisy or not! =)
No birthday would be complete without a PINK superhero costume (for the girl with 3 brothers)!

What a crew! I love being close enough to most of Wesley's family that we get to see them all the time and I'm so happy that Jonah knows (and LOVES) his cousins! He's looking a Laurel or Clark in all three photos below! =)
Grandkids on Wesley's side in age order - Reese, Finley (ha!), Clark, Laurel, Jonah, and Jude

These photos really crack me up...but hey they are what's real!

Later that evening I had Wesley take a few photos of Jonah and I since I'm rarely seen in photos of events.


  1. Happy birthday to your girl. Looks like a beautiful party. Great shots of the kids.

  2. awe looks like so much fun! you look so great :)

  3. Oh my...these are some gorgeous shots! What a great idea for a party!!

  4. These are beautiful, what a great idea for birthday party. That gif is really cool even if the quality went down. I've never tried one.

  5. Love the shots of you and your baby! You MUST always take those! :D

    And such great photos of fun family time and amazing memories.

  6. SO CUTE! Looks like a lot of fun with all those little ones around.

  7. adorable photos.. I love the pictures of you and Jonah, his outfit is so cute!

  8. I love the little lobster outfit! soo cute!

  9. Such a lovely little birthday party! And lots of adorable photos!


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