The Wilde Olive Blog: 2012 Week 20 Rewind!


2012 Week 20 Rewind!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

What a week it was! I was so happy to have a day off on Friday!
If you missed any of last week's posts, be sure to check them out. I feel like I've been a little absent the last few days, but hopefully I can get some things done and be back for the rest of the week because I have some great stuff to share!

So here's a little recap of our week last week:




 are better. Jonah found the rag down in the tub and thought it was the greatest thing! He shook and shook and Mama got wet, wet, wet!
 I get to come home a little earlier! 


 Snuggly man! This may be one of my favorites below!


We have a little something funky growing in our yard. crazy mushroom

These are out of order but Jonah woke up around 5am and napped at about 7, but had a good day with NaNa obvs. 

 He's been practicing his bye bye wave a lot lately. 
 We have a teeny tiny tomato growing!


I got to spend most of the day with this cool dude!

 We went to the Jackson Zoo. I have a few more pictures from my Camera, but it really made me miss the Memphis Zoo... =(


We did a little consignment shopping - mostly found bigger clothes - but some REALLY cute stuff!

 and Sunday...

We did a little house work and took a trip to Home Depot and Walmart for some necessities and some fun things too! 
I don't post much about Ari dog anymore, but he's still around...needier than the baby most of the time! 
This is his favorite spot. . . staring into the backyard laying on Wesley's side of our bed! He doesn't ACTUALLY want to go out there though... 

That was our week in a nutshell. I actually have a lot of photos from my DSLR but for the sake of not totally overwhelming one post you'll see those a little later! =)

I hope everyone has a great week!! and whoo hoo for another 3 day weekend coming up! We are hoping to make a short trip to the ocean! =)




  1. Love these!! He is getting sooo big! Great shots.

  2. Holy Moly is he cute! Love his shades and OMG about the mushrooms!

  3. "behind the camera and dreaming" drew me the name

    You sure do have a cutie!

    Stopping by via Life


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