The Wilde Olive Blog: Our First Mother's Day


Our First Mother's Day

Monday, May 14, 2012

It was simple and sweet. Jonah woke me up for some reeealllly early morning snuggles (around 4AM) but after that, he was such a good sweet boy all day. Which he really is most days. I got flowers and cards from my guys, lunch with my mom and dad and a mini shopping spree. =) 
It's seems that April and May swapped places this year because it has been very rainy the past couple of weeks with cool mornings, warm afternoons, and breezy nights. 
I wanted to capture a few shots of us together on Mother's Day and of Jonah wearing one of his outfits worn by his Daddy in Spring/Summer of 1982. My bracelet was a Mother's Day happy from my in laws. 
Sidenote: just look at those chunky knees! My boy's getting so big!

Thank you sweet man for making my a mommy.
I love you more than words. 

Happy Jaxand then, she {snapped}<em>Leap Into Spring!</em> Photo Challenge


  1. AWWW! Such gorgeous shots of beautiful you & too cute for school little man! So happy you had such a sweet day, you deserve it!

    P/S Love that little man's wearing one of daddy's old outfits! Thanks a bunch for linking up w/ Finagle!!

  2. He is so adorable! His facial expression in that first one is to die for!

  3. Such a darling little man! And he has such a pretty mama. Hope your day was one you will treasure for years to come.

  4. That first pic! Like for real ;)

  5. Oh what sweet pictures! He's just adorable mom♥

  6. Oh these are so sweet! Yay for chubby knees!! Ahhhh-dorable! Happy Belated Momma's Day!

  7. how lovely that you have an outfit his daddy wore! Lovely photos what a beautiful family you have x

  8. these are just precious, love that little outfit too. My youngest niece wore my Sister's baby dress to her first day at church, it was so sweet


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