The Wilde Olive Blog: Taking a shot in the dark.


Taking a shot in the dark.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

I shared some of our celebration for our cousin last week here
but wanted to do a separate post with a few tips for shooting outdoors at night for fun!
Shooting photos at night is not really something I'm a fan of- okay it scares me a little. These aren't tips from a pro or for a pro, just strictly for capturing little moments after the sun goes down. Obviously, you can use your on camera flash for night photography...if there's something you really want to capture and you have no other light source, but it won't really capture the moments because you'll get your subject and nothing else. So find those little sources of for these first two photos I used a flashlight app on my iPhone.
The light in this first photo IS a little strong, I should have moved the light backwards a little, but it definitely captures the moment - as we were waiting for the firework show to start. 
This one is pretty much a classic low key shot and I love it! I was able to use the shadows to my advantage and get some good sparkle in those blue eyes!

For the next few I took advantage of the party lights strung in the tree. After the sun went down this tree was just so inviting and almost magical! It was still pretty dark, so capturing a toddlers was  little difficult..the . just . won't . hold . still. =) 

But then it just takes one and I love the one below!

For more you can check this post.

Oh and I thought you might want to see some fireworks! 

For better firework photos...use a tripod! =)


Linking with This or That Thursday and The Hollie Rogue (Photo Friday) for more fun behind the camera!


  1. Oh, I adore those photos taken by the tree! I agree it has a magical feel. Also, cool firework shots!

  2. LOVE that light in the first shot, I'm so jealous of shots like that!!!! All cute picture!

  3. Fantastic photos ~thanks, namaste, ^_^

  4. Stephanie!

    These were all just great. Precious children too.

  5. Poor night time, it just doesn't get that much photo love, does it? But these are great. Nice lighting and great idea to use the light from your phone!

  6. These are great! I still have to master my taking pictures in the dark skills ;o) It's a little challenging. I love that second shot! I just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for The Versatile Blogger award.

  7. Love these. So sweet. I still have not gotten any photos of fireworks.


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