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What. A. Mess.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Yep. We are at THAT stage.
baby food. YUM!
Thankfully, he likes it! 
So, far I've made his food myself, except the Rice I guess. We use the kind from the box.
He thinks it's yummy or just fun.  
Linking this photo for Mommy Moments
 He doesn't get the food to mouth thing, but gets the spoon goes in his mouth...but so does everything else!
 This was his first experience with Sweet Potatoes. 
NaNa says he doesn't care for them, but he seems to be okay with them ALL over his face! 
 In your eye brows? really Jonah? really.

Inspired by Family Magazine

What are/were your baby's favorite first foods? Did you make your own? Any tips?


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  1. Awww. . . I might have to stay away from your blog for awhile 'cause I'm getting some serious baby fever! I miss those messy faces. I think we did avacados all mushed up. They loved them then and still do now! Adorable, Stephanie! Perfect Messy Moments photo!

  2. too cute! i made my own food w my 3rd since i was at home and trying to save money. it didn't even cross my mind w the others. my allie ate EVERYTHING! avacado was one of her favs - she'll eat guacamole by the spoon fulls now.

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  4. These are such great pics; good to have! My little ones favorite baby foods were sweet potatoes and squash. She absolutely loved them!


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