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Zooing It!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I decided to take a vacation day last Friday! Woot woot for a 3 day weekend! My plan was to take Jonah to my mom’s in the morning and get some photography work done early and then go get him after lunch. I still need to finish processing some shoots I’ve been working on for like 4 weeks, but then someone mentioned they may go to the zoo and that totally went out the window! I’ve been longing so much to not be at work from 9-5 and spend more time doing things with my little man so I couldn’t turn it down. . . He comes first and I wasn’t going to let him go to the Zoo for the first time without ME! no way!

We, as a family, are animal lovers, from the creepy crawly to the roaring beasts! We love to see and learn about our earth and all of its creatures. I feel in a way it helps us to learn more about ourselves.

 When we lived in Memphis, The Memphis Zoo was a favorite weekend outing of ours (even with no kids)! They continue to improve and make the environments for the animals more natural and are constantly adding on new exhibits. They are also really into research and conservation there.

So, going to the Jackson Zoo was a little disappointing. I’m glad it’s there and I remember it fondly as a kid, but it needs a little help. They seem to be trying, but it’s really poorly funded. =( Parts of it are great and beautifully done, but it’s in a not so nice part of town and the attraction just isn’t there to keep it up like it should be. So sad =(

Cousin Emma's favorite thing...might have been finding the Catkins...and reminding us that they aren't bugs! The kind of look like bugs to a 2 year old - and when they fall on your shoulder they might look like bugs to this 29 year old too!
and little Benjamin is a whole month old now! He'll be ready to play in no time! Jonah just loves his cousins!

It was a really good day, but boy was it HOT! 90 degrees is here people and I need a tan...did you see those white legs!?

Oh and by the way!


Thanks for looking friends!

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  1. We love the zoo but it's getting so hot here in Florida that we will probably wait until fall to go again.

  2. looks like a great way to spend a day off. :)

  3. Excellent pictures!!! Some I wish I had thought of when my kids were littles!!


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