The Wilde Olive Blog: 2012 Week 22 Rewind


2012 Week 22 Rewind

Monday, June 4, 2012

Every week I participate in a link up with Sarah here and Gina here recapping our week. It has become mostly instagram photos. My process with my REAL camera doesn't work that fast, but you know what? These little moments I would never capture with my 7D because's like 800 pounds and there's really not room for it in the hammock. 

The milestones I'm recording lately are just seriously too much. My little man is just growing WAY to fast. The drool is still going strong as evidenced by all the bibs and wet shirts below. 

  • We had a great Memorial Day last monday and he got to go to Story Time again with NaNa, then they did a craft project! hehe. See his hat? So cute. 

  • I also like to share some photos of the goings on of my day while I'm at work or just goofing off at home. We had a stormy week and I got to wear my rain coat that I love! =) and well Siri (who I recently told to call me Mama) and I had a little falling out, but we made up! ;) 

  • The past few weeks, we have really been enjoying some outside time. We always do, but I have been getting really bored inside. Jonah will just chill outside. There seems to always be something to look driving by, neighbors walking their dogs, or daddy working in the yard! We even take out toys outside from time to time. 

  • I even did a little cooking this weekend. Cookies and baby food count right? We actually cooked a delicious  Apple Bourbon Pork loin (already seasoned) at Kroger. It was REALLY good..we ate it too fast to get a photo! 

  • After Wesley mowed the yard Sunday morning, Jonah and I went in the backyard to chill in the hammock chair which Wesley hung Saturday - I've had it for a very long time but we haven't lived in a location to hang it since I was in undergrad until we moved into our current home last August. Jonah loves to people watch. In the last picture above - he was so cute following daddy around the yard as he used the blower. So funny!

  • Can you even believe all the hair this sleepy boy has? It's really growing.

  • A new milestone happened this week. Jonah learned to clap! He's been waving for a few weeks now, but the clapping is just awesome because it ALWAYS comes with a smile and usually a little dance. I showed him this picture of Emma and Asher above and he just started clapping when I said their names. 

Here's a little video my mom sent me Tuesday afternoon of him leaning to Patty Cake.
Such a big boy...oh and you were warned about the drool. 

Hope you all have a fabulous week!

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  1. Great pics! Clapping is a big milestone; way to go Jonah!

  2. I love the hammock shot. Very nice! What a cute little boy you have.


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