The Wilde Olive Blog: Dancing Babies {How to .gif}


Dancing Babies {How to .gif}

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

There are lots of moving pictures here. Proceed with caution. To get the ultimate effect hit play on the You Tube video below. We LOVE Hot Potato on Grand Daddy's computer!

I've been loving .gifs lately! 

There is a really great tutorial over at The Paper Mama that I would LOVE to try but this is a more basic version of what I've been doing with photos lately. None of these photos were actually taken to make a .gif, so I'm not exactly in the same position when taking them, but it's fun to put them together anyway! Here we go. 
You should totally play the song below while you watch Connor dance! =) This is from when he was visiting about a month ago. Miss him! Can't wait for July!

You'll need some version of Photoshop for this tutorial. There are some .gif- makers online though - just Google it.
  1. Choose and open at least 3 photos in photoshop.
  2. Resize for web.
  3. Choose your arrow at the very top of your tools menu and drag all photos on top of one. 
  4. Make sure the photos are lined up correctly and are the same size.
  5. Reorder them as you see fit by dragging and dropping the layers. 
  6. Go to Windows and choose Animation. A box will show up in your work space. 
  7. At the top right hand corner of that box click and you will get a pull down menu.
  8. Select Make Frames for Layers - your 3 photos should appear side by side.
  9. At the bottom right of each frame you'll see a 0 and a little arrow. You can either highlight all three frames or change the number individually.
  10. Select a time delay. This will determine how long each photo shows. I like 0.5 or lower for most .gifs. . . unless you want it to be more like a slideshow. 
  11. Next hit the play button and see how it works. At this point I often have to reorder photos to make sure they look like the flow. . . especially if there are a larger number of photos (like the one of Jonah and Wesley).


Now if you are ready, here is a little headstart for this week's Edit Me Challenge. We have a fabulous host and PRIZE. Check out the EMC Blog tomorrow to link up and be eligible for judging. Our photo this week is from Mom Tried It's Kim. Visit her on  Twitter and her Facebook page and thank her for judging this week! Here is the photo she has provided for us:


parenting BY dummies
and then, she {snapped} The Paper Mama


  1. ha! One of our favorites over here on Just Dance for Kids! I wanna try a gif, but they look like a lot of work. Yes, I'm lazy. :)

  2. Hehe love the Gifs! boogie babes!

  3. Yeah I just love gifs; watching your photo come to life! I love the second one down best; so cute!

  4. Those .gif look like so much fun. I am going to try one someday.

  5. haha i love those moving pictures!!! the second one is my favourite =D!

  6. Fun gifs! Thank you for linking up with me!

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