The Wilde Olive Blog: Father's Day {Our First}


Father's Day {Our First}

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I think Wesley had a good first Father's Day as a Da Da! We had a good breakfast, a family nap, and lunch at Grandma and Papa Joe's. This is really how I see summer: Outside, hanging out on a blanket (swatting bugs away), and just chillin' with good company. Oh and I didn't get a picture of any of it, but there was good food, iced tea and homemade ice cream! 
 DaDa got a frame with Jonah's footprints in it and a very cute card. We've kind of made it a tradition to trace Jonah's hand on each card from him and write his name/age by it for his signature.
After breakfast and waking up from our post breakfast coma, we got ready and headed to Grandma and Papa Joe's. 
Now this really says summer to me. Just hanging out with family in the grass, lawn chair, or on a quilt. It's hot but there's a little breeze in the shade. 
Tell: Jonah loves being outside and we are loving this summer! There is no stopping this boy. He just plays and plays! 

This first photo below of Jonah is hilarious... there's no telling who he's yelling at! ha! Elizabeth (my cousin's daughter had a really good time and Jonah loves other kids. They obviously couldn't get enough of each other! Her cute little dress? My cousin made it!
Ever heard of Slacklining? It's pretty much amateur tight rope walking and it's becoming kind of like a sport I guess. People do tricks and all kinds of things. We saw some folks doing it in CO the last time we were there (two years ago - BOO that's a really long time). Anyway, my cousin Nic brought one for everyone to try it out. I wasn't brave enough, but we might have some budding pro slackliners in the family! =)
Oh and as one took a picture of me. So I snapped one in the truck on the way home. =)

Hope you and yours had a great Father's Day too!


  1. This looks like such a great time! We kind of missed fathers day this year, we have just had so much going on! Kind of shame really... but then again we kind of missed mothers day too, so I guess it is even.

    I love your idea about tracing the hands with each card.

  2. Awww. Love these. Looks like a great day!

  3. These are all so great! Thanks so much for sharing with us in the Summer Daze Fun Photo Party! Can't wait to see what you share next. :)


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