The Wilde Olive Blog: Jonah is 8 Months Old!!


Jonah is 8 Months Old!!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Yep! June 19th (Tuesday) Jonah turned 8 months old. I guess it's about time to start planning that first birthday party. ;)  

He is doing and changing so much lately! I really can't keep up. He started like-for-real crawling and he goes everywhere. He's sitting up from laying down and twisting all kinds of circles! We even had to lower his crib mattress because he's starting to pull up. It's crazy how it just all happens. 
Of course more mobility means more bumps and bruises. So there's that. This one has no fear. 
 He's gotten even more vocal and really trying out his voice. He says Mama (allll the time) and DaDa (less than he used to - I think someone tricked him into always saying Mama hehe). He also says book. There has only been a handful of times, but he really does say it. He's so funny because he'll also call Ari (our dog) but he just looks down the hall or around the room and says "aahh....aahh..." but I'm sure that's what he's doing! He loves watching that Ari dog. He also says what I thought was a different variation of Mama, but I think it might be Emma... "Umm Ma" 
 His 'boyness' is definitely starting to show. He's adventurous and loves to figure stuff out. He makes things go and sorts and stacks. He even learned how to open and close his pop up toyand put the rings back on his ringer stacker! Smart boy! 
He's been showing some signs of separation/stranger anxiety lately, which can be a little  disheartening, but that just means he's right on track for his age. He'll probably grow out of it just like he's suppose to. He really is a totally typical little boy. I haven't weighed him lately, so I'll have to update that part later, but he's growing!  

He eats well, sleeps well, and is happy and playful most of the time. We are so lucky with this one! We love him to pieces! I just want time to slow down a little so I can savor this age just a little longer.


If you'd like to leave a message for Jonah in the comments, I'd love it. When he turns a year I'm going to make these posts into a little book. =)

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  1. Aw happy 8 Months old to handsome little Jonah, I'm sure he only literally just turned 7 months lol time goes fast!
    My son goes through fazes with words, first word was Dada then Mama and now he hardly ever says that. He currently favours the words 'dog' and 'gone' lol

  2. Oh my!! So precious. 8 months already??? He is so handsome!

  3. Aw, the big 8 months! Yeah, before you know it his first birthday will be here! It's crazy! It sounds like he is doing well! Love all of these shots!

  4. What a doll! Love the black and whites, isn't it crazy how quickly the time little one is going to be 4 months!!!!

  5. I just love the photo of him reading. How adorable one of his first words is book!

  6. That top photo is total perfection!! Perfection!! Happy 8 months, Jonah!

  7. I love the expression in his eyes on that top image. Such a sweet moment captured!

  8. Oh my- that first one!!!!!!!!!!!! SO GORGEOUS!!!!!!

  9. I adore that first shot...... JUST BEAUTIFUL!!!!

  10. Absolutely stunning!! Your photos are gorgeous! Thanks for linking up!!

  11. Your son is adorable! All of the photos are gorgeous, but I especially love the first two!


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