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Let's go swimming!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Yep that just happened. I went to a public place wearing a bathing suit and then put it on the internets for everyone to see. aak! All I really have to say about that is target - I know your suits are cheap, but I could use a little support (you know where). Now, moving on to my big boy and his luuuv for the watah! 

He is the splash king and went strong for over an hour. Then he seriously crashed, took a short nap and wanted another one. So, we didn't get to stay quite as long as I'd hoped, but it was worth it! In my attempt to make sure we soap up as much summer as I can, insisted on going to Yogi. There is actually a lot to do here if you plan to go for a whole day. It's not anything SUPER nice or special but they theme each weekend during the summer and you can get a day pass to partake in all the activities - including mini golf and outdoor movie nights (you can see the screen behind us in the first photo). We didn't plan for all that this trip, but maybe next time. Maybe when the temps are more in the 80 - 90 degree range rather than 95-100. We did take advantage of the Splash pad/playground area and the pool. 
He did really well in his float, he really liked being in the shallow water and jumping. You'll obviously be able to tell his "before said needed nap" and "after, now I need another nap" photos! We, of course, had company on our little excursion AND the bigger kids had a blast!

Emma refused to look at me for ANY photos. Her prerogative but I got some cute shots anyway! 
/\ This is obviously an after photo. /\
Benjamin basically did his thing, but reminded us he was there a few times! =) I think he's getting more use out of the stroller bassinet than Jonah did, but I'm so happy we have it to share!

This slide was definitely a favorite! 
My niece Emma and our friend Baker loooved it. Jonah when down a couple times too - assisted of course. 

Mama I'm done and just want to be held. 

Our attempt at a family picture! Next time I need to break out the camera when we first arrive so I don't get so many grumpy photos. :/
All in all I'm still glad we went and so happy I have a water baby because Mama loves the sunshine!

By the way...

When your done here make sure you worm your way over to Paper Heart Camera and check out my first post as a contributor all about backlighting! 



  1. Stephanie!

    These pictures are just amazing!! Your children are gorgeous...


  2. Beautiful photo's I really love the ones of you and Jonah together, super love your tankini you look fabulous x x

  3. Oh my, so much adorableness (is that a word?...)! Love that tankini too! Looks like you guys had a great time!

  4. Lovely images.. looks like a really cool day out. I only wish we had summer weather like that hear.


  5. Beautiful photos of you and your family. Looks like you had a great time!

  6. Awe you can tell he had a fun filled day. Your family is so sweet and love your swimsuit!

  7. This looks like so much fun! I've been looking for some type of toddler water park in our area for my little one! You got some great shots! That last shot is adorable!

  8. I LOVE THESE!!!!!!!! I am absolutely impressed & in awe that you are in a suit in a public place- looking all FABULOUS!! I am not so brave because I had a better body right after having the kids when I was burning all those calories- than I do now. Go figure. :) Suppose I should work a bit harder at it- right! I totally took those times for granted.

  9. I love these shots!! Makes me want to learn my camera even more so I can start getting shots like these!! BTW I am a new follower of your blog. Love what I see so far.:)

  10. Fun pics! Certainly not easy with a little one, but good for you for braving the temps and fussy babe to make some fun summer memories. Loved your gimp tutorial. I have yet to try it. Thanks for linking to our Summer Daze Party. Sorry I'm running so behind. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  11. Are you kidding me?!? You look awesome! Love these shots. Such a great collection and so much fun too! :)

    Thanks for joining us in the Summer Daze Fun Photo Party! I'm playing catch up on the links I missed the other week. I'm so sorry for showing up late. Have a great day!

    PS You exposed these shots so well.


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