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Thursday, June 21, 2012

As you may know, especially if you follow my instagram feed, Jonah spends the days on Tuesday with his Daddy. He works 4 days a week and gets to stay home with Jonah on Tuesday! Yay for bonding time. Boo for me...I'm very jealous! 
Jude and Jonah - 5 months apart
 Since he's off, he gets to do all kinds of mid-week fun stuff. Like hang out with cousins and go to fun places like the Children's museum and the swimming pool! I request pictures of his day, especially when there are fun new things going on! These photos came from Wesley's android and I tried to pretty them up a little bit for you!
Laurel, Jonah, & Daddy - outside at the Children's Museum

 This week, Wesley's mom, brother, and nephew were in town from Starkville and they had to go do some fun things with all the kiddos. Not everyone is pictured - maybe MeMe took some pictures on her camera I can have?!? MeMe? =) 

 Jonah is obviously a little young for the Children's museum but his favorite thing is to watch the big kids anyway - so I'm sure he had as much fun as everyone else.

They also got to go swimming! I missed Jonah getting in a big pool for the first time, but Uncle Lance sent me a photo of Daddy with him in the kiddie pool. I think we may go swimming this weekend! =)

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  1. I know Wesley is on instagram, but he needs to post pictures on instagram!

  2. Oh I just love those little red sandals and the perspective on that photo. :)

  3. LOVE that shot of Jonah and daddy outside the museum! What a fun perspective!


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