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Thoughts on a Friday

Friday, June 1, 2012

straight from my brain to yours... look out!

  • I have been having a really good week. I feel like this is a rarity lately. Our Memorial Day was good - except my grandfather told me I was gaining weight and I've been thinking about it all week and obsessively weighing myself - but not really doing anything about it. He is right, but I don't know what he was trying to accomplish?  I know I'm not fat, but a few pounds really does make a difference on my otherwise petite body. ANYWAY 
  • I won $100 for tweeting - what? - during the Clever Girls TV Medical Shows twitter party on Tuesday. If you aren't in on the Clever Girls Network get on it! Even if you're like me, a very small time blogger, the benefits have been great in the past couple months (free bagels, free necklace, $100). 
  • I gave away and sold a print from my Etsy shop. I also made my first real sale! Did you know I have an etsy shop? I haven't really promoted it much until now, the inventory is kind of low - but seriously you should check it out! 
  • I am really loving designing things for people. I did my sister's blog, edit me, and I have a new one going up probably this weekend! Hit me up if you need a little makeover, button, or custom print!
  • I have BIG ideas for my new Gray Mornings site. I'm trying to stream line everything - will it ever get done? I hope so! Trying to stay positive.
  • I may be mentally neglecting my full-time job a little bit. . . because there is a lot going on here. 
  • I met a really nice lady named Aimee who's design firm is sponsoring Behind the Camera and Dreaming this month! PLEASE go check out their designs for Wordpress! 
  • This sweet lady is also up on my sidebar this month! If you'd like to sponsor let me know!
  • I have a great parking spot over on The Hollie Rogue and am looking forward to my Feature post next Friday for her photo link partaay! 
  • Speaking of Photo Link Party - I think I might have something to contribute in the photo category this week. Yep - I just completed an order for this beautiful family!

 Happily Mother After the long road

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. Feathers and ruffles ... can't get anymore perfect than that :)

  2. Sweet, sweet pics, Stephanie! I wanna hear more about your photography business! Any tips for a newbie? And if I didn't just get a new design, I would hit you up for sure! Love your style!!
    Oh, one more. . . you look fabulous! I'm sure your grandfather didn't mean anything by it, but I struggle with my weight and know how a comment like that can affect me. :(

  3. first off, i love how you write. so so easy to read! -- next, you're sweet for mentioning me, thank you! :) next up --- i am so sorry that your grandfather cannot control his mouth! ha - i mean this in the sincerest and most respectful way to our elders but listen to me -- YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! Genesis 1:27 - we were made perfect in His image and you are perfectly perfect! :)

    congrats on your sweet shop - can't wait to see it thrive!!

  4. Wow, you are having a great week! And you look gorgeous!

  5. Those are such cute photos of that family! You did a great job! I'm sure they are happy with how their photos turned out. :) So glad you are having a great week. I did not realize you had an etsy shop until today. I just checked it out and you have some really cute stuff! Let me know if you'd ever like to promote your shop and do a giveaway on my blog. I give a free three months of advertising to those who sponsor a giveaway. I know many of my followers would love your stuff too. :)


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