The Wilde Olive Blog: 2012 Week 29 Rewind!


2012 Week 29 Rewind!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Some weeks I just want to say whew, I'm glad that's over and then some I feel like went just way to fast. Well, today I have mixed feelings..not that I can bring it back or anything. So I'm kind of wasting my feelings I guess. Anyway, we started out with a sick baby and I actually wound up home (sort of) for 3 out of the 5 days last week. Monday, I post with last week's rewind because I didn't get it up until Tuesday. So here's the rest of our mostly iPhone/Instagram photos (follow me @stephaniesclark). 

As you can see he's now back to his trouble causing self. This could get really interesting before too long. I've had a could of panic moments this week... "where is he!? where is he!?" Our house is pretty open, but there are lots of corners and door ways...without doors. I need xray vision (or a leash). 

After being home with Mama on Monday and Daddy day on Tuesday (ring stacker in mouth above is from Daddy) he went back to NaNa's on Wednesday and got to spend a little more quality time with Connor, Mae Mae and Uncle Joey. And apparently passed on whatever he had to the Connor man who has had a yucky fever all weekend. These moments were TOO sweet. I hope when they get older they talk enough to each other that it's not awkward when Connor comes to visit and they can still be so comfortable with each other. 
 On Wednesday night I got to spend a little time with Connor by myself. I loved it! I like to be with my nieces and nephews without their parents or grandparents around. A little bonding time is always good! We played with the train tracks which Connor LOVED. 
 Then on Thursday Jonah turned 9 Months old! I cannot believe it. he's so big and boy like! I took a few photos with my canon on Thursday, but did a real photo shoot on Friday night and I am loving them! I want to post photos other than these from my phone, but my laptop is currently dead. So it will have to wait. Here's one from my Photography Facebook Page!

Friday, Jonah was suppose to stay with Aunt Lacey but she and her kiddos got the stomach flu (yuck) so plan B, actually C, was to stay home with him. Well with everything going on at work lately, I felt like I need to at least check in. So, I took him with me for about an hour and half. Let's just say he was REALLY good but I was glad to get out of there! Rocking a baby to sleep in an office chair - loads of fun. 
 So we went home, then did a little shopping.
And Saturday, we got up and headed to Starkville to see Mimaw's (Wesley's grandmother) new place and visit her home for possible the last time. It was kind of sad, but a good move for her and the new apartment/senior living center is really nice. We ran into people they knew, we knew and new friends she's met already!   

On Sunday, we went to cousin Jude's baptism. More family time and some play time with cousins since he missed out on Friday! Below - Laurel is being such a good big cousin. She was "teaching" Jonah how to get the ball and then would praise him big time when he did it!

I hope this week is just as great! We truly are blessed right now and I am looking forward to my week for the first time in a while! =)

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  1. Your blog is so cute and so is your little boy. My son is 9 months old too. I love Jonah's 9 month picture with the hat over his eye... too cute!

  2. Such a cutie pie! I adore the shot with the plaid hat. Fabulous!! Joining you from project rewind.

  3. Sweet photos!! He is getting soooo big!!

  4. When we were kids we only saw my cousins once a year but we always had a blast when we did. My dad and his brother weren't close, so I am sure you abd your sister's kids will be great pals :) So many cute pics!


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