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Embracing the Yellow and a little DIYing

Monday, July 16, 2012

I've posted before a little about the quirks of our house and this guest bathroom is no exception. I actually like how it looks now, but man you should have seen the before before. . . like when we bought our house just a year ago. . someone thought it would be a good idea for these walls to be a brighter yellow than the tile. I need to dig out those pictures.

Above is how it pretty much looks day to day, except there are usually things on the counter top - like my hair dryer and make up :). Originally I though I'd go with ALL white decor in here, but then I was inspired by the old preexisting faucet/shower head (pictured below).
I found the shower curtain hooks at target and the letter hooks at Anthropologie.
Then my mother in law made me these towels out of this toile fabric we found. It stayed like that for a loong time. Last August to well now. I always thought it need some kind of art/decor in the awkward blank spaces, especially above the sink. 

So, finally I decided on silhouettes. Of course they've been everywhere lately, but I'm really loving the idea that I can make something that gives it a real personal touch but still fits with the style. 

I found this great tutorial and several others around the web, but really just decided to kind of wing it using what I already knew and some tips I gathered. So here's what I did. I found a photo of Jonah that I'd taken a few weeks back. I already had these black frames and I just used our black and white laser printer - this project cost me nothing but a little time. Below is how I did it!
  • Find or Take a profile shot of your subject
  • Use the quick selection tool to select your subject
  • Select Inverse
  • Go to Adjustments > Brightness/Contrast
  • Increase all the way. This should only adjust the background. 
  • Go to Adjustments > Curves
  • Pull white tab all the way to the left.
  • Grab your paint brush > Set to Black
  • Fill in light spots and smooth your edges
  • Switch to a White brush to fix an mistakes. 

See some of the tips I added below to get it just right.

You can also use your paint bucket and fill in the silhouette or background with different colors.
For this particular room I decided to stick with black and white and just feature my yellow tile!
What do you think?

Hope you enjoyed this little tutorial and bathroom makeover! It was fun =)

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  1. Oh, I love your bathroom. I am normally not a fan of tile like that but you made it work!

  2. Looks great! Love the shower hooks and letter hooks.


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