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Hi. Hello.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Hello from a bunch of sickies. I feel like death has come and we have survived. . . barely. I am totally exaggerating but a good stomach virus will make you feel just . that . awesome. 
So not only has time not been on my side, lately neither has wellness. I think we are on the other side of it all now and see a light (if we can just get the little man back to eating and pooping normally). 
Sunday, we got out for lunch and it wasn't a total disaster...close, but we still managed to eat..well some of us did. It was about a thousand degrees and there was lots of sweat, but we survived and even managed to get a little shopping done.
I look terrible in these but hey I got some photos of everybody. So there you go. Jonah is so much fun and so active, but man is it tiring! With him not really eating well and wanting to go go go all the time. It's getting harder to take him places. We usually have to take turns eating. I could NOT be a single parent. I DO NOT see how people do that AND stay sane. So, as much as I gripe at my husband to do stuff the right way, I really am grateful for him.  

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  1. Oh I'm so sorry you guys have been sick! Stomach viruses are the worst! I can totally understand it feeling like death! I'm glad you are all doing better; hope the little one eats again real soon! Poor baby :o(

  2. Robbie was just saying that exact same thing the other day....We also do not understand how single parents do it. It seems impossible. Welcome to our world. We avoid restaurants now (and for the past year) because Asher will not sit still. It's more fun to just eat at home. :)

  3. I moan at my husband a lot to but then I do think how the hell would I do this all with out him .. How do these kids have so much energy, we have had to go and get some riens for Josh as he will not hold my hand and wants to walk everywhere.
    Love your pictures x x

  4. I know how you feel! My 7-month-old needs to be constantly entertained. She's rarely content to just sit and play with toys. And I think she might get some enjoyment from causing scenes in public places lol. Such a little cutie you have! Great pics!


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