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Just a little hazy.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

This is our Ari. He's a little crazy and barks REALLY loud, but a sweet boy most of the time. Jonah loves him...the feeling is not quite mutual...yet. He's not sure what to think about a baby that can now chase him! 

I'm a big fan of a little haze in photos! I think that's why I love back lighting so much. (Did you see my post on back lighting on Paper Heart Camera?) This method of adding a little haze works for color and black and white conversions very nicely! I learned the first part from Mom Tried It

  • In Photoshop go to Adjustments > Exposure > Move the Offset tab to the right just slightly and you will immediately see a little haze in your photo. 
  • Then, I like to flatten my image > make a duplicate > filter > other > High Pass > Set to 20ish  > OK > Convert layer to Soft Light > adjust opacity to taste. This adds back a little definition without taking away your haze. 
There are probably 100 different ways to do this, but this is one I personally like...for now.

I'm linking up with The Paper Mama Photo Challenge and Touch Up Tuesday!

Be sure to check out the first Edit Me Challenge Summer Show Off Link Up starting tomorrow!!!

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  1. What a happy little dog! He is really adorable! And he will love your little guy back in no time I'm sure :)

  2. oooh thanks for the tips! all the things i didn't know i could do in photoshop ;)

  3. Nice edit, I will have to see how much of this I can accomplish in PSE. Joining you from edit me challenge

  4. Beautiful Edit! :) nice and clean!

  5. Love it, that trick of putting the haze into a photograph is great as you can control the amount. When I want a non destructive image, I often use Select /All..Edit/Copy Merge...Edit/Paste. This gives you a layer with basically a flattened layer with the difference that you can undo. Cheers

  6. like Kaylene, I am intrigued by putting haze into your photo!
    Great edit!

  7. That is an awesome editing, splendid indeed

  8. Awesome info and great edit/photo! Thanks

  9. What a great b&w! Thanks for the tip!

  10. Oh what a cute pooch! Love the haziness too! It makes the picture so interesting! I'm loving that black & white conversion :o)


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