The Wilde Olive Blog: 2012 Week 32 Rewind!


2012 Week 32 Rewind!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Last week was actually pretty good for us! Jonah still isn't sleeping the best, but it's manageable. I decided on Wednesday we would switch him to Soy formula and see if his tummy problems improved and has definitely made a huge difference. I don't know if this milk allergy or intolerance was brought on by something or if it was just a coincidence that it all happened at the same time he had a fever virus and then we all had the stomach flu. It's really strange, but I'm good with the soy for now. I guess we'll just have to see how he handles cheese/yogurt/etc later. He also seems to be so much hungrier these days and wants MORE in his bottle and when he wakes up in the middle of the night. Maybe he's now hitting a growth spurt. . who knows.

Anyway, if you aren't bored to death here are some fun things we did this week.

Monday, we got a huge box of hand-me-downs from cousin Connor. My sister sure does LOVE cleaning out her closets. Most of the stuff is 18 Months, so I'm hoping Jonah will catch up a little and be able to wear some of it this winter. . If we have a winter this year. Last year it was cold like 3 days... I guess if it doesn't get cold, I'll just put him in all the 12 month stuff we have that I THOUGHT he'd be able to wear this summer... I was wrong. She also sent us pretty cool toys. . and Jonah tasted  played with every one of them!

Tuesday he got to go to the pool with Daddy, Aunt Lacey and his cousins. I get so jealous on those days!

Wednesday was pretty normal except NaNa (my mom who keeps J) got a delivery of new toys and activities for the kiddos. So we had to spend a while going through them and getting ideas for what do to with them. She's participating in a program for in home care givers. They provide one and one education for the caregiver, activities for the children, and tons of materials and educational and developmental toys. All provided by an early childhood specialist.

I meant to make these bigger, but I'm too tired to go back and fix it. Doesn't he look like such a long lean big boy these days?

Speaking of big boys. Jonah's sweet little cousin Jude (5 months younger than him - to the day) is definitely going to out grow him soon! Saturday we went back to Yogi on the Lake. We had a really good time. I came late and we decided to stay a little later than everyone one else so I got some good photos. I'll show them a little later this week! All of these ones below were taken with my iPhone, but I LOVE how some of the turned out. 
Wesley's mom wound up talking them into letting her rent a small cabin (just beds and bunks) for the day to take naps. We took advantage and it made all the difference! It was a beautiful day and the sun set on the way home GORGEOUS! (follow us on instagram to see more @stephaniesclark)

Sunday, we were pretty lazy and just hung around the house. Then, I decided to cook and clean and Wesley mowed the yard! Jonah was on a bit of a napping strike but managed to have some fun anyway.

Thanks to our neighbors we got some yummy peaches! Jonah is working hard on feeding himself.

I hope you all have a great week!

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  1. Love these. Glad the formula switch helped. Hopefully it will continue to get better. Jonah is adorable as always!

  2. What a cutie he is! :) Love the photo of everyone laying on bed. What a gorgeous shot! Noah had a lot of trouble with formula when he was a baby. Breastfeeding wasn't an option for me when he was born (health reasons) so we had to do formula. We went around and around and around the bush with the formula and never did quite nail it. When he stopped drinking formula, his tummy trouble vanished. He still has issues with milk now (thank goodness for vitamins!). We're going straight to Soy Formula with our new baby.

  3. I so love this set- I have so many I wanted to comment on but really- they all made me smile. Must get that "wild child" shirt for my youngest.


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