The Wilde Olive Blog: Jonah is Ten Months {Part 1}


Jonah is Ten Months {Part 1}

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Jonah turned 10 months old yesterday, August 19th. He has officially been on the outside longer than he was on the inside. ;) Is that a weird thing to think about? ha
So much time has past since I began getting to know this little guy. Little did I know how wonderful this new life would turn out to be. This time a year ago, we were preparing for baby showers, working on moving into our house, and anticipating this little guys big entrance. I was in the midst of finger pricking and meal tracking. We were at one doctor or another every other week. All just to make sure this little guy was healthy and came into a happy, welcoming home. Well.. so far I think we have been successful. We haven't been perfect by any measure, but he's happy. So happy. most of the time.  
 That wasn't necessarily the story for the whole past month. I think month 9-10 has been the hardest since he was a newborn. We've had some illness and apparently a dairy allergy/intolerance developed or made itself known. He has truly been back to his old self the past week and eating like a little piggy! He's excited to eat again and not refusing food. Well, that's not entirely true, he still refuses my sweet pea puree. He's sleeping well at night and even napping better for NaNa. He's growing and gaining weight again! I know I was sleep deprived in the beginning but once I got used to sleeping again - getting up with him was miserable. I'm glad to get the snuggles, but when he was crying and fighting, it's not fun for anyone. I know there will be times like these, but I'm going to choose to cherish the best days and try not to worry about the not so good ones.

I have so much to share about this little guy, I decided to break up the posts. We took some photos at the nature center in Flowood on Sunday and while all the shots aren't technically perfect, I don't want to leave any out. So come back tomorrow for more on what Jonah's up to.

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  1. These photos are so cute. But the one of your little one crawling away from the camera - oh my goodness - just so SO heart melting.

  2. He is so sweet! I remember my sister thinking it was so weird when my nephew had been out longer than he was in! Love the little overalls, so cute on a baby!

  3. I just love the age of 9 months : ) 10 months is pretty fab too. He looks like a very sweet baby boy. Lots of fun. I can tell that he is loved!

  4. OMGoodness Stephanie... First I am so happy you linked up w/ us! Secondly, I am in LOVE w/ these shots. Pure GORGEOUS! Love everything about these snaps, & that little man of yours is plain precious! Happy 10 months Mr Jonah!!

  5. I love that one of him crawling...happy 10 months!!

  6. I adore the first shot - so soft looking & his look is precious!

  7. He is so precious, Stephanie! Can't believe how big he is getting! Love that pic from behind of him crawling! And yes... sleep deprivation is WAY worse after you have gotten used to sleeping again! LOL


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