The Wilde Olive Blog: Week 30 & 31 Rewind!


Week 30 & 31 Rewind!

Monday, August 6, 2012

So I missed my rewind post last week. So get ready for major (iphone) photo dump! I feel like I’ve been dragging myself through the last two weeks. I am so glad that we are working our way back towards healthy eating, however, I feel like I’m retraining my child to eat and take a bottle. It’s almost like he’s a just a few months old again. He’s hard to put to bed and wakes up HUNGRY sometime between 4 and 6 am. It’s been what feels like a looong time since we were at that stage. I love the extra snuggles, but I feel like my body is just so tired. How did I do this when he was a newborn? I am not ready for that stage again any time soon. I think with Jonah being so mobile it’s a little different right now. This post is going to a little all over the place so just bare with me! 

  • On the 23rd we got our July Bluum box and I was really pleased with the contents this month (more so than last month). Jonah seemed happy about it too! There was a full sized Triple Diaper Rash cream - that I just happened to price at Babies R Us (like $8 - th ebox is only $11) and a teether. There were also a few other sample goodies that we haven't tried yet!
  •  We are also in the process of trying different diapers, because we are obviously spending a fortune on those things - and cloth diapering isn't really an option for us this go 'round. Do you have a favorite brand? We were wearing mostly Huggies Little Movers because they fit Jonah SO WELL and they are super soft compared to others. We've now tried Parent's Choice, which didn't really get a good trial because well the boy was leaking out of every diaper while sick. So we may go back to them. We decided to give Luvs a try yesterday while buying groceries, but I'm not a fan of their bulkiness and stiffness so far. Maybe he's just too little still. We will see I guess. Target brand you're next...I think. 

  • He’s really been showing us his strong-willed personality lately. . . and his strength. He does NOT want to have to lay down to change his diaper and fights going to sleep – like literally arms swinging!

  • Naps right now are so hard! His little brain and body just want to go go go and having tummy troubles on top of it leaves us one fussy baby who doesn’t sleep very long during the day. I hoping he grows out of this little phase and realizes he’d be a lot happier if he didn’t fight it so much!

  • I've needed lots of encouragement over the past couple weeks and it really helps to be able to turn on some up lifting music or just read an uplifting verse. 

  • Friday night Wesley left me at home with Jonah and went to Starkville to help his Dad with some work. So, Jonah and I had the house to ourselves! Friday night wasn't awesome, but we did manage to make it to our friend Baker's 2nd Birthday Party! It was train/Thomas themed and so much fun for the kiddos. Jonah REALLY wanted to help open presents. 

  • He had a little trouble napping per usual, so we took a late nap in Mama's bed, then stayed up late cleaning house and watching the Olympics. Jonah went to bed JUST in time for Daddy to walk through the door (about 10PM). 

  • It's very hot in the back of our house late afternoon - when it's 100 degrees outside especially. That make for a sweaty haired baby... ew. I just love that milky white skin and that little booty sticking up in the air! He just looks so old... big boy!

Sunday we were pretty lazy, but did manage to go spend some major cash on TWO carts of groceries. 
I guess somebody's going to have to cook this week.

Hope y'all have great one!
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  1. He is just so cute! Pure bars are so delicious - the chocolate one tastes like a healthy brownie!

  2. Great photo dump; lots of great captures here! Is that him on top of the dishwasher? My little one used to do this and I always got afraid that she'd snap it right off; YIKES! Too funny though! Love those basketball shots!

  3. Def give Target diapers a try! We LOVE them!

  4. Oh my!!! Love all these. he is getting sooo big.


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