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Beach Life: Coastal Living style.

Friday, September 14, 2012

On our quick trip to the beach we really did want to pack it all in and one thing both my mother in law and I wanted to do was see the Coastal Living Ultimate Beach House in Rosemary Beach. We'd read about it on the Urban Grace Interiors' blog and I think maybe I stumbled on it just dreaming about life in SoWal. I admire Erika Powell's (the interior designer) work and always get excited when I see her popping up in magazines. 

Coastal Living chose Rosemary Beach and I fully support their decision! ;) It's a magical place with an old small town feel. When planning our wedding back in 2008, I got to know all of these little towns pretty well and it's always hard to decide where to spend our time when we get to go down, but this little trek was well worth it. 
I wasn't sure if they'd allow us to photograph the house so I left my "big" camera behind and just used my iPhone, so please forgive the quality here (it's really not that bad though). I obviously couldn't photograph every detail (even though I wanted to) so you can see the professional's take in the Fall issue of the magazine or online

As we came in, we were told "you can take pictures, but we ask that you not push any buttons". Okay? 
Ooohh...the whole house is controlled by iPads installed in the walls... fancy shmancy! 
Master Bedroom and Bath: favorite things rope mirror and the bedside nooks
Guest room, study/TV room, dining room, beautiful shell mirror

The thing about this huge 6,000+ square foot house is that it never really felt "big". It felt homey. Every space was useful and lovely. It was comfortable and felt like you could really LIVE there. Like if you opened the closets, there would be someone's shoes, like there would be laundry in the wash. It felt like you could just sit down and have a conversation.

Girls bunk room and boys bunk room (10 kiddo beds - Let's fill it up!)
please excuse my red puffy sunburned face... ek
Game room and movie theater. just awesome. That sitting area may have been my favorite room in the house!
Details from around the house: soaps, beautiful tile, bed and bedding, view from the game room, cute little nook in the hallway between game room and theater, stairs, mudroom details and beautiful towels/blankets for the beach!

Hope you enjoyed looking! It was like walking through the pinterest board of my dreams!
All together this home is listing for probably 3 million dollars. I will never be able to even rent a house like this for a day but there was so much obtainable inspiration here. The architecture, the flow, the design choices. It's like looking at really great art.


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