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Edit Me {Pop Art Tutorial}

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

 I don't know if you've heard, but Edit Me is back in full swing! Things have changed up a little but we are still editing and sharing secrets along the way! We would love for you to join in this little group of photography loving (mostly ladies) and practice your mad skills on this week's photo.

I decided to play a little. For edit me, most of the time, I like to use picmonkey because everyone can use it (it's free). I created a kind of pop art look from this photo submitted by last week's winner, Larissa.

Here's how:
1.  Cropped out the people. This could be printed as an 8x10.
2. Increased the brights and contrast.
3. Go to Effects tab - Curves Adjustment: again increase the brights and the darks - making a slight "s" curve.
4. Posterize: Adjust to your own liking but less details make it look more like a drawing.
5. I then used the Film Stock Effect at 50% to give a little more pop.
6. You'll notice at this point the sky is pretty washed out. That happens anytime you bright a whole photo, so I added a Tint and erased it from the balloon.
7. Added text!

Cute in a frame for a kiddos room! You could do this with any photo for a little abstract twist! It would also make a cute blog button.

The before and after!
For a headstart on edit me download the photo here and link up tomorrow!

Don't for get to:

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  1. Love the edits! What bright colors! Makes me want to take a balloon ride.

  2. Great editing job... Like the pop of it...

  3. Great edit! I love how you made the lettering disappear....I couldn't.


  4. Fun edit. I like using PicMonkey too and now after reading how you edited yours I've learned a little more about using the tools on PicMonkey as well.


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